Department of Public Works
LA County Flood Control District
Assistant Deputy Director/
Division Engineer:

Angela R. George

Assistant Division Engineers:
Terri Grant
Paul Alva

For information call
(626) 458-4300

A watershed is the land area where water collects and drains onto a lower level property or drains into a river, ocean or other body of water. Watershed management is the integration and coordination of activities that affect the watershed's natural resources and water quality. It brings together services like flood protection, water conservation, preserving and creating open space for recreation and habitat, and reducing pollution of water resources.

A new Watershed Management Division was created to implement this County-wide priority to improve the overall quality of life for residents of Los Angeles County.

Watershed Management Division plans and supports delivery of an advanced system for flood protection, improving water quality and conserving water, while maximizing habitat, open space, and recreational opportunities.

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